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MSG has been one of the major contaminants in almost all the snacks, fast foods. Most of the restaurants that use MSG do not even realize that they are using it. This is the single most dangerous substance that is responsible for more than a dozen incurable and often fatal diseases. The worst part is that it tends to modify the genes and thereby pass from generation to generation.

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ASPARTAME:- When FDA signs a death warrant

When we speak of our diet and low calories how many of us shift into Diet products? Have you ever realized if this is safe and what havoc can it cause to your body. The very reason that you use can be defeated if you realize that one of the side affects of Aspartame is increase in blood sugar. Hardly 30 years old this poison is spreading like an epidemic. Aspartame kills our neurons an irreversible action making us more prone to greater health risks like Alzhiemer and Cancer.

To read further on the dangers of Aspartame please read the article


Artificial Colors:-   A colorful poison

Living in a colorful world with glamour and dazzling lights we all know how barren the life would be without colors. It plays a significant role to fill our life with vitality. So much so there are complete psychological subjects detailed on color and their affect. Perhaps this was one of the main reasons that years back when competition was building on food choices someone introduced food colors to make it more appetizing. However if it is true that colors can make your food look prettier and more appetizing an equally true fact is that food coloring isn't quite as attractive when you consider its potential effects on your health and development.

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Color Poisoning

BHA / BHT Exempt from being prosecuted

Repeated studies have shown that BHA and BHT increase the risk of cancer, cause liver enlargement, and retard the rate of DNA synthesis and thus, cell development.

These substances are petroleum derived and  are created as a by-product in petroleum refining process. The International Agency for Research on Cancer, part of the World Health Organization, considers BHA to be possibly carcinogenic to humans. The State of California has listed it as a carcinogen. Studies show the same cancer causing possibilities for BHT. The compound has been banned for use in food in Japan, Romania, Sweden, and Australia. The US has barred it only from infant foods.

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